Look to your vendors for packaging solutions

I was on a skype call the other day with a client. He was showing me his new packaging which is night and day from his old packaging. The new packaging completely changes the product and elicits a very real response from the consumer, And this is not just my feedback but the feedback of everyone he has showed the product to, including his own retail customers. I don’t think it would be an exaggeration to say that his new packaging may very well result in more sales than what is inside the packaging.

My customer calls it “creative packaging” which is simply what the company he sources it from calls it. But it is that and more. In fact, packaging can do so much to enhance your product that it is worth exploring your options. Even if you have a package that you are satisfied with, you might end up finding packaging that is so much more efficient and attractive than what you are using now. Ask your vendors if they have suggestions for your packaging because they very well might. I saw so much innovative product packaging in Japan where I lived for the last four years – much more so than in the US – that I would not be surprised if some of the same innovative packaging had found its way to China. I would add that I have worked closely with vendors in China over the years on packaging and they are very resourceful. In short, don’t neglect your packaging. Sometimes what is on the outside will sell your product better than what is on the inside.



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