Don’t pay someone $500.00 to do a spec sheet for you. Do it yourself.

The other day I was looking at the website of a China sourcing company. This is a western managed company with an office in Shanghai and they offer the full range of China sourcing services, product development and design, sourcing, QC, logistics etc etc. But I was surprised to see that they charge over $500.00 just to do a specifications sheet for a customer. That is a shocking amount of money for something that is really pretty easy to put together. Making a spec sheet may take you a couple of hours, between taking and downloading photos, and in some cases photo-shopping them, and then getting all the product details in order. But it is not all tedious and in some ways can be a lot of fun. I personally enjoy making spec sheets.

Every good spec sheet should have the following info:

Product description including your company’s model or SKU
Product dimensions
Material content
Pantones ( to indicate product colors if applicable)
Label specifications
Packaging specifications
Testing requirements (if any)
Price (if quoted)
Target Cost (if seeking a quote)
Order QTY
Order QTYs in increments of 1000 or 5000 ( if seeking a quote)
Special Instructions ( there are always some)

A good spec sheet will include photos of the product from every angle possible, including perspective shots and ALL product dimensions should be indicated. Regarding material content you should be as specific as possible. For example instead of just indicating your product is made out of cotton you might need to indicate “cotton jersey” and then give the weight because cotton jersey comes in many weights (oz per linear yard) and vendors need this info to quote for you. When doing a spec sheet always work under the principal that no detail is too insignificant to be included.

A helpful tip is this: request that your vendor do a spec sheet as well once they have your product in hand.. They may include details that you have overlooked. Or they may not have included details/instructions that are important.



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