From the Archives: Sourcing online increases risk

So many people these days use alibaba when they want to find a supplier overseas. And I must say it is easy. Just type in a search word and, lo and behold, you get back pages and pages of vendors who supposedly can make your product. If you are just starting out and a want a rough idea of how much it it might cost to make your product, there is nothing wrong with running your project by a handful of vendors on alibaba. But when it comes time to ordering you would best be advised to get on a plane and go to spend some time with the person (s) you are relying on to build your business. This is due diligence pure and simple. There is just so much risk for your business when you give an order to a vendor you have never met. I would not do it and I always advise my clients not to do it. Here is a blog post I wrote on this subject back in 2011.

Sourcing online


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