The hottest diapers in China these days are “Made in Japan.”

I had an interesting inquiry this week from a Chinese company I met a few years ago in China. It seems that there is a certain brand of Japanese diapers that are all the rage in China nowadays and this company wanted to see if I could help them get a full container of diapers and ship them form Japan to China. I thought this was an interesting inquiry for two reasons:

1.) It shows that Chinese consumers are becoming more sophisticated and more concerned about quality.

2.) The idea that China is buying from Japan and not the other way around shows how far China has come. Ten years ago Chinese just didn’t import products from developed countries like the US and Japan. China is different now.

Anyway, I reached out to some Japanese trading companies here with this inquiry and found out some other interesting things. Apparently these diapers are so popular in China now that Chinese and Japanese companies have been buying them up in great numbers here in Japan to ship to China. The company that makes the diapers is apparently so concerned with this that they have raised the price dramatically on the diapers here in Japan and this has led to some trading companies hoarding the diapers. . Why would they be concerned ? Well, Apparently they manufacture products in China including diapers and sell to Chinese consumers under a Chinese name. But Chinese consumers prefer the diapers that are actually made in Japan. So Chinese consumers are buying the diapers from Japan at a premium and not those made in China. Even though it is the same company.

Japanese made diapers all the rage in China nowadays. Who woulda thunk it !



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