Designating certain vendors as “PD vendors”

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“A very interesting blog….” – a company in France

Just an afterthought on my last post about finalizing your product designs before approaching new vendors with projects. Ideally you want to finish your product design before you approach prospective vendors with projects. That should always be your goal.

However it is unavoidable when you have a new product to sometimes look at it and see ways it can be better. That is the nature of Product Development. Of course you need to inform your vendor, at the very least to see what the new costs are. The question then is how do you manage product development with a prospective vendor without frustrating them or, as time goes on, having them come to see you as a customer they just don’t take seriously, the subject of yesterday’s post ?

I have come to realize that when the PD process takes too long you need to designate certain vendors as “PD vendors.” These are vendors whom you have made inquiries with over the long term and who have provided you with useful information on your product e.g. design suggestions, general costs and other information and maybe even some samples. However, you probably want to think twice about ordering from them even if their quality and pricing is good because you have given them enough doubts about your company that they may no longer take you seriously as a long term player in China ( even though they will of course take your order.). And if a vendor in China does not take you seriously that is when there are problems. But you can use the information these “PD vendors” have given you to finalize your product. You can then approach other vendors with the confidence (theirs and your) that this is the product you are going to order, and hopefully sooner than later.


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