What you understand is not necessairly what your China vendor understands

What people are saying about Mulberry Fields
“I have already learned a great deal about China and your business through your website and blog posts. Very impressive.”  – a company in Toronto

I am reaching out to some vendors for quotes on a project now and accordingly I requested some comprehensive product photos from my client.  About half the photos he sent were very  low resolution (under 10 kb) that do not lend themselves to easy understanding.  When I told him that I would need high resolution photos, he replied to me that a description of the item would suffice in North America, so why not China?  Well, there was my blog post for the day.

I went on to explain to him never  to assume that vendors understand what he and I  understand. He knows his product very well, as do I after working with him for awhile, but I am sure some vendors would look at the description and the low resolution images and scratch their heads. High resolution photos showing the product from all angles and with all details just complements the product description.  I finally gave my customer my summary of the process of requesting quotes from China vendors based on written desc/photos/samples.  These are good guidelines you should keep in mind when requesting quotes from vendors.

Written description only –  not good. Very inaccurate on which to base costs.

Written description and poor or limited images – acceptable but cost will probably go up significantly when vendor sees an actual sample.

Written description and several good images – good. Should get you a pretty good idea of cost.

Written description, images, actual physical sample – best to get the most accurate cost possible.

Just remember, the more information your vendor has at the beginning the less likely it is that costs will go up in the end.




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