Go to China to make a good product. Not to get a cheap cost.

What people are saying about Mulberry Fields
I have read through quite a few of your blog posts and have enjoyed them very very much. We do business in China and face many of the challenges you describe. Much of what you write resonates with me and there are some very helpful tips” – a company in Utah

I came across an article in a New Zealand newspaper recently about Blunt Umbrellas. Blunt are regarded as some of the best umbrellas in the world. There are some very good China lessons in this article as follows:

  • China does make high-end product. A lot of people associate China with cheap, low quality goods. But don’t forget that a lot of high end product comes out of China too, and not just umbrellas. Walk into any Williams Sonoma store and probably 70% of what you will find there is “Made in China.”
  • Don’t focus on going to China just to cut your costs. If you focus only on cost you are asking for trouble. When you go to China your foremost goal should be to make good product, and only then to cut costs.
  • You have to be in China to work with your vendor. So true. You just can’t expect to manufacture a design-driven product in China without ever showing up. The analogy I like to use often is building a house. You give the builder the plans but you or the architect has to show up sometimes to make sure they are doing what you want.
  • You have to QC your order before it leaves China. If you don’t do this you are risking your business. If you QC your order in China then problems can be fixed before the order ships so what you see is what you get ( barring damage that occurs in transit). It may cost you a 3K plane ticket but it may save you 50K in product and much more – in customers you will keep by delivering good product to them.

Here is the link:




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