Having all the specs for your product on file. A helpful tip

What people are saying about Mulberry Fields
“I have already learned a great deal about China and your business through your website and blog posts. Very impressive.”  a successful mompreneur in Toronto


I had someone come to me recently and ask me to source a product for them. This is a design driven product which I don’t have any experience with so I asked the person for comprehensive specs. Not only do the specs help me to understand the product but, more importantly, complete specs help potential vendors considerably when they are deciding whether or not they can do the project and how much it will cost.  I have written on this before.

But sometimes trying to get specs out of clients is like pulling teeth. Yet I cannot stress enough the importance of giving a vendor all the info they need to help you make your product. Small business owners, especially mompreneurs, are phenomenally busy people and often they just don’t have the time to gather all the info on one of their products, e.g. pantones, grades and types of fabrics, materials etc etc the end result being that even they themselves do not understand their own product. But vendors are busy people too and it is probably more work for them to reverse engineer a product than for the customer to ask his/her current vendor what the product is made of.

A helpful tip is this: Any time you get a product from a China vendor, get the specs as well. If it is a book, ask what kind of paper it is printed on, what the finish is if any. If a textile item, get the pantones and fabric. If a plastic item find out what kind of plastic it is ABS or PP, PE etc etc. And keep this info on file so the next time you want to have a vendor quote on something, both you and he/she know exactly what is involved.  It will save both you and your vendor a lot of time and put your relationship on the right track.






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